Uel Accommodation Agreement

Applying for a student residence at UniAcco is very simple. Find out what property you like, after which you can request the room or apartment for the data you need. After clicking on “Book Now”, we ask you to leave your details so that one of our experts can call you and guide you through the next steps and finally sign the contract. All of our student accommodation at East London University is located close to public transport, has superb facilities and a wide variety of university residences. Each estate has unique qualities, but all offer superb student accommodation near the University of East London. With UniAcco you can find, compare and book the perfect location for your East London International University. (d) if they have fulfilled their obligations under the accommodation contract in all important respects (this means that you have not breached your contract or have not paid your rent in full) (b) if a transfer is granted, you will enter into a new contract for the new accommodation; and a guarantor is a person (often a family member) who signs an agreement to be financially responsible for paying rent if the tenant is unable to do so. Many properties need a deposit if the tenant wants to pay the rent in instalments. We choose our properties carefully before publishing them on a website. Our student accommodation providers are trustworthy and offer accommodation options to use safely.