Technology License Agreement Traduction

They may make copies of the Programs to the extent reasonably necessary to exercise the license rights granted in this Agreement. You can write a copy of the programs for backup purposes. 8.3. Qualifications. Points 8.1 and 8.2 do not apply when the Cisco technology or the device for which it is authorized to be used has been modified, with the exception of Cisco or its authorized representative; (b) have been exposed to abnormal physical conditions, accidents or negligence, installations or uses that did not comply with this ITA or Cisco`s instructions; (c) is acquired free of charge, beta or evaluation; (d) is not a Cisco-branded product or service; or was not provided by an authorized source. Following your immediate written notice to the authorized source during the warranty period of breach of this Cisco Section 8, your sole exclusive remedy (except as otherwise prescribed by applicable law) is, at Cisco`s option, either repair or replacement of applicable Cisco technology, or (ii) a refund of (a) royalties paid or due for the non-conforming software, or (b) fees paid during the period during which the cloud service was not complied with, except for amounts paid under a Level Agreements/Objective service, if any. 2.1. License and Right of Use. Cisco grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license (except with respect to software permitted by the Cisco Software Transfer and Re-Use Policy) (a) license to use the software; and (b) the right to purchase the Cloud Services both from an authorized source, for your direct benefit over the useful life and as set forth in your authorization and this ITA (together the “Rights of Use”).