International Agreements Gun Control

Presented later in 2003 by a group of Nobel Peace Prize laureates, the ATT was first discussed at the United Nations in December 2006, when the General Assembly adopted resolution 61/89 entitled “Towards an arms trade treaty: establishing common international standards for the import, export and transfer of conventional arms”. October 1995: Dr. Oscar Arias calls on his Nobel laureates to promote an international agreement governing the trade in conventional arms. The turning point in modern gun control in Australia was the Port Arthur massacre in 1996, when a young man killed thirty-five people and wounded nearly two dozen. The massacre, perpetrated with a semi-automatic rifle, was the worst mass shooting in the country`s history. Less than two weeks later, the conservative-led national government, in collaboration with the various states and territories that regulate firearms, imposed fundamental changes to the country`s gun laws. If an arms trade treaty is ever concluded, the government will not be able to “bypass” Congress, as the email states. All international treaties must be approved by two-thirds of the Senate before entering into force and ratified. Supporters of the treaty say it only concerns the international arms trade and would have no impact on existing national laws. [27] [28] [29] These proponents refer to the UN General Assembly resolution that begins the process on the ATT. The resolution expressly states that “States have the exclusive right to regulate internal transfers of arms and national property, including through the constitutional protection of private property.” This is neither a joke nor a bad warning.

As much as public health care is imposed on us by the Obama administration by all necessary means, as well as gun control. For the positions of each UN Member State on these and other initiatives concerning small arms, for votes cast, signed agreements and national reports submitted to the United Nations, first look for the country in the left column, then open the International Controls section. On Wednesday, the Obama administration took its first big step in a plan to ban all guns in the United States. The Obama administration intends to impose gun control and a total ban on all weapons on American citizens by signing international treaties with foreign nations. By signing international arms control treaties, the Obama administration can use the U.S. State Department to circumvent the normal legislative process in Congress. Once the U.S. government has signed these international treaties, all U.S. citizens will be subject to gun laws put in place by foreign governments. These are laws developed and promoted by organizations like the United Nations and individuals like George Soros and Michael Bloomberg. Laws are designed in this way and must lead to the total prohibition and confiscation of all firearms.

In the wake of the tragedy, some analysts in the United States cited the Breivik massacre as evidence that strict gun laws — which in Norway imply that applicants must be at least eighteen years old, declare a “valid reason” for owning guns and obtain a government license — are ineffective. “Those who are willing to break anti-murder laws don`t care about gun regulation and will receive guns, whether legal or not,” Charles C. W. Cooke wrote in National Review. Other gun control critics have argued that Breivik would have been arrested earlier and would have killed fewer victims if other Norwegians, including the police, had been armed. After the massacre, an independent commission recommended tightening Norway`s arms restrictions in various ways, including banning pistols and semi-automatic weapons, but no changes were made. Proponents of anti-arms treaties continue to mislead the public by claiming that the treaty would have no impact on U.S. arms holders. . .