Agreement Stamp Duty In Punjab

In Punjab, a percentage of stamp duty is levied when social infrastructure and environmental improvement programmes cease. Please intimate notification of 6 percent Rebnew stamped on registration in Punjab will come. Women in Punjab must pay 5 per cent as stamp duty if the property is registered only on women`s names and 6 per cent if it is registered jointly in the name of a man and a woman. e-stamping (a form of e-challan) is the automated online supply of stamp paper for the state of Punjab, a project of the Board of Revenue and the Punjab Information Technology Board (in partnership with the Bank of Punjab). Stamp papers have different stamp values and each type of document/document must be executed on a document of a determined value, based on the type of document, place (State) and/or value of the transaction/Desimmobilie, in order to make that document legally valid and enforceable in court. In order to calculate the value of the required stamp document, offers a stamp duty calculator that serves as a stamp duty guide that calculates the stamp duty to be paid on the rental contract and rental of real estate in Punjab or elsewhere in India. Our “Create Lease Document” service allows you to create your own custom lease from anywhere in India.